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Transform Your Workspace

If you build scale model kits, partwork models, do any kind of crafting, our workstation will transform your workspace

Have you always wanted a dedicated space to build scale models, partwork kits or somewhere for your crafting?


For Partworkers

If you don’t have a dedicated space to construct your partworks, this workstation instantly gives you a large working area and a flexible tool storage system.

For crafters

The large A2 working area coupled with masses of tool storage make this workstation ideal for crafters and makers.

For Scale Modellers

The Tyrell Models Workstation is the perfect space for all scale modellers. If you don’t have a dedicated area for your modelling, you can now instantly create a space that places all of your essential tools within easy reach. The tool storage is also modular, enabling you to design the perfect modelling bench for you.

The baseboard measures:
640 mm x 641 mm x 10 mm

For Partwork Modellers

If you build partwork models this workstation is designed for you. The large A2 cutting mat gives you ample space for even the largest partwork models. Have all the tools you need close to hand. And as the tool storage area is modular, you can choose the components you want to design your perfect workstation.

Easy Ways to Pay

*Tools or models are not included

Workstation Acrylic Baseboard

High Quality Acrylic Baseboard

The workstations are made from solid acrylic, which is laser cut to ensure every piece of the workstation fits together perfectly when you assemble it. The acrylic is high gloss and easily cleaned to keep your workstation in great condition. The workstation baseboard has a recess for a removable A2 cutting mat that is supplied with every workstation.

Modular Design

Using the ZEP system enables you to create the perfect workstation for you. The front row of components can be removed and replaced with any of the ZEP system you want to use. Change the location of the components to suit whatever modelling or crafting you do.

Modular Design

Unique Tool Storage

The tool storage system has been specially designed for the workstation. Spaces for all the essential tools a model maker, partworker or crafter needs to hand can be easily and tidily stored. Two of these tool storage components come with the workstation as standard.

Box Storage Component

Another unique feature of the workstation is this box storage solution. The boxes measure 5.5 x 5.5 x 2cm making them compact but massively practical to storage a whole range of items you need for your modelling or crafting. Easily removed from their rack, you’ll wonder how you lived without this solution!

Box Storage
Removable Storage

Tray and Box Storage

Perfect for storing the small components of a model kit, partworks for a crafting project you are working on, the tray ensures every item is safe and easy to reach.

Just Want the Tools Storage?

If you don’t need the baseboard that comes with the workstation, you can now buy just the tools storage system. Many of you have an established modelling or crafting bench, so don’t need the acrylic baseboard. You get all the components of the workstation tools storage with the versatility of the ZEP system.

Easy Ways to Pay

*Tools are not included