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Where 3D Printing Meets Model Making Passion and Expertise

Take your dioramas to the next level!


Passion and technology are the ingredients that gave birth to the HD Models (Highly Detailed Models) Project.

Years of passion for model making have merged with 3D technology. The new frontiers and massive opportunities that this technology has bought to modelling can’t be overstated.

For us, each model is a work of art that we spend countless hours perfecting. Whether this is an historical subject, a diorama accessory, or an after-market modification to an existing kit; HD Models painstakingly create each model for an audience we know appreciates fine detail.

After we have created the 3D rendering of the model or accessory, we print many test pieces to ensure the final model you have in your hands is the best it can be.

Many of the items on our catalogue are printed to established modelling scales such as 1/35. However, because the 3D files can be scaled, we can print objects at whatever scale you need to complete your model.

HD Models has a growing catalogue that is accelerating. We share your passion for detail. What this space for new exciting products coming soon!


HD Models


Fabio HD Models

Fabio drives HD Models forward with his unrelenting passion for model making in all its forms. With a passion for military vehicles his vignettes and dioramas led him to 3D printing when he could not find the accessory or after-market modifications, he needed to complete his models. Fabio is also the winner of national and international awards for his models.

HD Models

As the Co-founder of HD Models, Vincenzo is also an expert in 3D printing technologies. His focus is to make sure HD Models operates on a firm financial foundation. Looking after the commercial and administrative aspects of the company, Vincenzo drives the company to be one of the most exciting companies in the modelling world.

HD Models

As a design specialist, Gabriel is no stranger to 3D printing technologies. Indeed, one of his first designs using this technology was acquired by a leading automotive manufacturer. His attention to detail and technical expertise is what attracted Fabio and Vincenzo to Gabriel, as they could see his innate skills would be an essential asset for HD Models.


A major part of HD Models is their range of military accessories, busts and figures. Always historically accurate, the military range is set of expand fast over the next few years.


diorama accessories

Finding just the right accessory to bring a diorama to life is a major part of HD Models. Their range of accessories is diverse offering the perfect items for military to Sci-Fi.



A major new category for HD Models is specialist kits. Using their 3D printing expertise, and creativity, complete kits are available with the range set to expand this year.


Detailed accessories for your dioramas

Power Generator & Supplies HD Models

Next Generation 3D Rendering

1/35 Scale Accessories

Kiosk HD Models
Modern Fuel Tanks HD Models
Pallet Truck With Wooden Pallet HD Models