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Many thanks to David Grummitt – Managing Editorial of Military Modelcraft International, for mentioning SSR Models are now available exclusively from Tyrell Models. The range of models from SSR is extensive. Keep an eye on the store for new models as they are added. Many new models are planned in the range. The detail of these models needs to be seen to be believed.

Military Modelcraft International SSR Models News

As 3D printing technology has matured, model makers have used their creativity to expand the available figures and accessories available. One master of the art is Sven-Åke Grufstedt. Coming back to model making, SSR Models showcases Sven-Åke’s talent as a creator.

Modelled in 1/72 and 1/35th scales, the attention to detail must be witnessed to be believed. Not all 3D printing figures and accessories are created the same. Taking the time to ensure each detail is correct drives Sven-Åke to expand his growing catalogue of models.

The subjects Sven-Åke chooses are diverse but never standard or plain designs. Each figure is dynamic, giving model makers’ imaginations the tools they need to create engaging dioramas, vignettes, or additional elements and components to lift a standard kit to new heights of realism.

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