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Modellers Electric Sanding Pen

Introducing the Illusive Shadow Electric Sanding Pen – a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your modelling experience to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency. This innovative device harnesses the power of reciprocating sanding motion, offering three selectable speeds – 2800, 3100, and 3600 – to cater to the diverse needs of model makers. Experience a new era in sanding with the Illusive Shadow Electric Sanding Pen – the ultimate companion for model makers seeking precision, efficiency, and a revolutionary approach to their craft. Upgrade your toolkit and unlock a world of possibilities with this cutting-edge device.

As 3D printing technology has matured, model makers have used their creativity to expand the available figures and accessories available. One master of the art is Sven-Åke Grufstedt. Coming back to model making, SSR Models showcases Sven-Åke’s talent as a creator.

Modelled in 1/72 and 1/35th scales, the attention to detail must be witnessed to be believed. Not all 3D printing figures and accessories are created the same. Taking the time to ensure each detail is correct drives Sven-Åke to expand his growing catalogue of models.

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HD Models

Where 3D Printing Meets Model Making

Passion and Expertise

Take your dioramas to the next level!

hd models is
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Passion and technology are the ingredients that gave birth to the HD Models (Highly Detailed Models).

Years of passion for model making have merged with 3D technology. HD Models has a growing catalogue that is accelerating.

Watch this space for new exciting products coming soon!

UK Exclusive:

Arkadj & Vučko

Mini Roller Mix Set

The Mini Roller is the perfect tool for detailed, clean and fast painting, glueing, and stencilling. Suitable for acrylic paint, varnish, ink, glue, polyester, epoxy and solvent-based paints. Each roller is made from soft Teflon, which means the roller itself does not absorb the paint or other material you are using. The material adheres to the surface of the roller as it is static. When you roll the paint or other material onto your model or any other surface, the material is transferred. This technology means the rollers are fast and easy to clean. This Maxi set is a great starter set as you have all the sizes of rollers and 2 handles.

Mini Roller Mix Set

Electric Grinding Pen Sanding Tips

If you already have the Electric Grinding Pen, these sanding tips are the perfect addition. Available in small and large sizes, each pack comes with its own dedicated chuck adapter. You simply attach the self-adhesive sanding sponge disks to the adapter and insert them into your electric grinder.


Transform Your Workspace

Have you always wanted a dedicated space to build scale models, partwork kits, or Lego?

The Tyrell Models Workstation has been designed specifically for you.

No more cramped working spaces. Customise your working space to your precise needs. Store vital components until you need them. And invest in a workstation that is built to last and will instantly transform your modelling.

Tyrell Models Workstation